Good NewsMilitary82-Year-Old Veteran Receives Emotional Send-off Before Honor Flight

82-Year-Old Veteran Receives Emotional Send-off Before Honor Flight

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An emotional veteran received a hero’s welcome as he headed to a flight to celebrate his military service, with people forming a guard of honor throughout the airport as he made his way to the gate.

As Albert Legault, 82, from Beverly, Massachusetts, made his way through Logan Airport in Boston, people lined the corridors, holding up signs, giving out gifts, and clapping him onto his flight to Washington, D.C.

Albert, who was traveling on an honor flight, previously served as a captain with the United States Air Force from 1964 to 1971.

Honor flights transport veterans from various locations across the United States to other airports, offering a way to thank them for their service and sacrifices.

Due to his lack of mobility and lung and heart problems, though, Albert’s family were initially concerned about taking him on the flight, which was organized by Honor Flight New England.

The guard of honor greeting Albert and his fellow veterans at Logan Airport. ©Lorraine Deacy / T&T Creative Media

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Having been given reassurances that medics and a wheelchair would be on-hand to help Albert make his way onto the plane, his granddaughter, Lorraine Deacy, 40, decided to take her grandfather and capture the moment on video.

As Albert made his way through the airport at around 6am, Lorraine recorded footage of the amazing moment.

She said: “When we showed up to the airport we had no idea the amount of people that would show up to welcome them.


“These amazing people were there before 6am to cheer them on with homemade signs and gifts.

“The genuine gratitude and love from them made it a very moving experience.

Albert with the honor flight in the background. ©Lorraine Deacy / T&T Creative Media

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“The video only shows half of the welcome line – this went on for another two to three minutes. 

“He cried with happiness and gratitude almost immediately when he saw the number of people grateful for their service.


“He immediately started thanking other vets who were there to welcome and thank him.

“Other vets, including my grandfather, served in Vietnam and many were not welcomed home warmly.

“I think this was very healing for many of them.

“He said it was one of the best days of his life.”


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