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The latest awesome adoption stories from families across America and beyond.

Proud Stepson Gives Affirmative ‘Yes’ When Judge Asks if He Would Like to Be...

A mom shared the wholesome moment her proud son gave an affirmative "Yes" when a judge asked him if he would like to be adopted by them.

Girl, 4, Jumps With Joy When Classmates Surprise Her at Her Adoption Ceremony

A four-year-old girl jumped for joy when her supportive classmates turned up at her adoption day to surprise her as she left the courtroom.

Stepdaughter Gifts Stepdad With Scrapbook of Memories Containing Adoption Surprise Adoption Request

A 10-year-old girl cried tears of joy after presenting her stepdad with a photo album full of memories – which ended in a surprise adoption request.

Adopted Twins Meet Biological Baby Sister After She Too Is Adopted

Adopted twin toddlers adorably met their biological sister after their adoptive parents also adopted her.

Chance Meeting Reunites American Adoptee With Biological Family in Vietnam

A woman who was adopted from Vietnam to the U.S. reunited with her biological family after a chance encounter during her vacation.

Long-Lost Daughter Reunited With Colombian Mother in Emotional Embrace

A woman who was 19 when she discovered she had been adopted to the U.S. from Colombia as a baby finally shared her first hug with her biological mom after 30 years.

Stepdad Overwhelmed by Stepchildren’s Adoption Request After 26 Years

A stepdad who had no children of his own but gave everything to his stepchildren for more than 26 years couldn’t hold back his tears of joy when he was asked to become their legal father.

Stepdaughter Sees Stepdad Cry for First Time in 23 Years of Knowning Him When...

A stepdaughter saw her beloved stepfather cry for the first time in 23 years of knowing him when she presented him with a sweet adoption request.

Groom Surprised With Adoption Papers at Altar in Heartfelt Ceremony

A groom couldn't hide his emotion when his stepson approached the altar on his wedding day to ask him to officially adopt him.

Stepdad’s Heartfelt Letter to Daughter Leads to Surprise Adoption Proposal on Christmas Day

A stepdad started Christmas morning with the sweetest possible surprise as he read aloud a note that then revealed he would like to adopt his fiancee's daughter.
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