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A friend leaped out of an airplane at 10,000ft to reveal the gender of his best-friends baby.

Dakota Mclearn and his girlfriend Carolina Rios took to the sky each with a smoke canister in the color of the baby’s gender.

Meanwhile, Dakota’s best friend Kameron and his wife Alannah waited eagerly down on the beach below in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

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Dakota said: “When Kam and Alannah told me I was in charge of the gender reveal for their first baby due in January, I knew it needed to be big.

“So I wanted to plan something unique and epic – and the best way to do it was to take to the sky.”

Taking to the sky, Dakota and Carolina brace themselves to leap out from an eye-watering 10,000ft.

©@dakotamclearn / T&T Creative Media
©@dakotamclearn / T&T Creative Media

Attached to two professional skydivers from Skydive Playa, Carolina jumps first swiftly followed by Dakota.

As they hurtle towards the ground, with the clear blue sea below, they ready themselves to make the big reveal.

In video filmed by friends on the beach below, Kam and Alannah can be seen looking up in anticipation, eyes fixed to the sky.

And as the skydiving duo release the smoke from the canisters attached to their ankles, the sky is lit up with two streaks of bright pink smoke to reveal it is a girl.

Kam and Alannah instantly leap to their feet and embrace, as Dakota and Carolina land on the beach just a few metres away.

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Reacting to the news, Alannah said: “I was just bawling. I literally just felt so many emotions when I saw that pink. 

Kam added: “I’m so happy. It is so much more real now!”

Incredible Skydive Gender Reveal

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