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Senior Helpers Surprises 70th Anniversary Couple With Virtual Vacation

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A couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary who used to love traveling worldwide but are now too old to fly was surprised with a virtual reality vacation.

Jim and Joan have known each other since first grade and have been married for 70 years.

They spent much of their free time vacationing in their RV and traveling in Europe, particularly Switzerland and Austria.

So, to mark their big anniversary, staff at Senior Helpers of Gibert and Chandler got ahold of a VR headset and programmed it to display amazing tourist destinations in Europe.

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Jim and Joan were amazed to revisit some of their favorite locations – all from the comfort of their armchairs.

They visited wineries, churches, town squares, and even the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, which they have a photograph of on the wall of their home.

Jim said the secret to their long-lasting marriage –other than creating amazing memories together around the world – was simple: “When the boss tells you to do something, do it! Don’t argue.”

Joan added while fighting back laughter: “We say a prayer every night and hope we will see each other in the morning, right!”



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