A woman was left screaming with joy when she discovered a routine traffic stop by police was, in fact, a bold proposal ploy by her boyfriend.

Manchester Township Police Chief Lisa Parker and Sergeant Chris Cerullo were conducting an ‘undercover operation’ when they pulled over a car in Manchester Township, New Jersey.

Having confirmed the driver was the owner of the car, Chief Parker asked the couple to step outside, saying she was investigating “something important.”

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With the couple standing by the trunk, Chief Parker then asked if there was anything she should know about – at which point the male driver declared he had an engagement ring.

The driver, identified as Matt, asked his girlfriend Brianna if she would marry him, to which she replied, “Oh my God, Yes!”

Chief Lisa Parker said afterwards that Brianna is the daughter of Manchester Police Command Support Assistant Ron Rhein.

Story courtesy of Manchester Township PD / T&T Creative Media

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