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Man Warms Hearts Online by Removing T-Shirt so He Can Cover Girlfriend’s Grandma and Protect Her From Storm

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A man is warming hearts online after his girlfriend shared a video of him removing his t-shirt to keep her grandmother dry during a storm.


In the wholesome footage, Kyle Murphy is walking topless through the downpour, holding his t-shirt over his girlfriend’s grandma, Joanne Rozycki, as rain hammers down around them.

Girlfriend Abby Fairbank shot the wholesome clip in Tampa, Florida, after Joanne had just finished a doctor’s appointment when the unpredictable Florida weather took a turn.

Without hesitation, though, Kyle took off his t-shirt and covered Joanne’s hair, knowing she would not like to get her hair wet having just had it styled for the week.

After Abby posted the video on social media, Kyle was praised for his selfless act, with the clip quickly garnering millions of views.

©Abby Fairbank / T&T Creative Media

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Abby said: “I usually take grandma everywhere and run all her errands.

“When I started dating Kyle, he hopped right in with me and started doing everything with us.

“He takes out her trash, carries in and sorts all of her groceries, and drives us everywhere Grandma needs to go.

“It’s a beautiful thing to see – the two of them have really become great friends.”



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