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“I’m so Proud of You, Papi” – Daughter Bursts Into Tears When Hardworking Dad Surprises Her With Their First Home

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A proud daughter immediately burst into tears and told her hard-working dad she was proud of him when he surprised her with news he had bought their first home.


Modest Victor Rodriguez, 42, from New Jersey, sees working as a deli department manager from 6am until around 8-10pm as simply providing for his family – but his wife of 24 years Rosetta, and their daughter Brielle, 11, always recognized how hard he had been grinding for them.

Before the pandemic, Victor – who goes by Vic – had been looking for his family’s first home, but the “overwhelming” process and a lack of funds meant he decided to stop the search and keep saving.

Fast forward to December 2022, and Vic’s landlord informed him and Rosetta their rental property would soon be sold, which kickstarted their search again.

Brielle was present on the new home visits with her father, who had one motto: if she liked the house, he liked the house.

But when Brielle came across a home she “loved,” Vic said she immediately told him, ‘I know how much you’re trying,’ which made him put in a bid. Unfortunately, Vic lost out.


A few months later – along with a few more house visits – Rosetta’s cousin, who has a real estate license and had been helping the family, informed them Brielle’s dream home was back on the market.

Vic and Rosetta put in another bid, this time winning the home – which left them to plan how they would surprise their daughter with the news.

On November 1, having collected their daughter from school, Vic and Rosetta told Brielle although a new family was set to move into the home, she’d been given permission to see it one more time.

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After arriving at the property, Rosetta secretly started recording as a dejected-looking Brielle wondered where the new homeowners might be.

Rosetta then asks, “When are the new owners coming?” before she’s told, “They’re actually here” and Brielle is then informed, “You’re the owners.”

As soon as the news hit, a stunned Brielle immediately started crying, asking “You got it?!” to her father in disbelief.

Sobbing in Vic’s arms, Brielle then says, “I’m so proud of you, Papi,” which made her father fight back tears.

Vic said: “It’s hard to put into words, but that’s when you realize the grind, the stress, the nervousness was all worth it.

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“Brielle saying she was proud really hit hard – I held myself together, but, believe me, I cry thinking about it.

“This is a moment I’ll remember forever.

“The response on social media has been beyond humbling and just amazing.

“Rosette and Brielle just sit in amazement reading the comments.

“I tend to get a bit uncomfortable, but my family and coworkers just keep telling me how hard I work and that I should enjoy this moment.”

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