Ice Cream Loving Dog Buys Own Treat Every Day From Truck Using Dollar Bill Tucked In His Collar

He uses a dollar tucked in his collar


An ice cream loving dog has learned to buy his favorite treat every time the neighbourhood truck comes round.

Diesel gets so excited when he hears the sound of the music playing on the Town Clown Ice Cream Truck that his owners have started stashing a one dollar bill in his collar so he can pay for his treat on his own.

A video filmed by his owner Jennifer Gregory in Ringgold, Virginia, shows Diesel darting up to the van as it pulls around the corner.

The excitable pooch can barely contain his excitement, locking eyes on the truck.

And as the truck pulls to a stop, he dashes around to the window, stands on his hind legs and waits for the server to take his dollar in exchange for his favorite ice cream ball.


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Jennifer said: “It makes everyone feel happy.  He’s such a smart dog he has such a great personality.”

They first realized Diesel loved ice cream after letting him have a small bite of their own.

And soon enough he would be leaping up at the faintest sound of the ice cream truck approaching.


Jennifer added: “Diesel knows exactly what to do when he hears the truck.

“He will walk alongside of it and then go sit down in front of the window just like a kid would anxiously awaiting his ice cream.

“He will put his little paws on the truck and wait for Mr. Star to take the money from his collar – then he’s ready to receive his ice cream and he sprints off to eat it.

“Our other dog Thor also gets an ice cream too, he’s just not as keen as Diesel!”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media