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Gracie the Pug Goes Viral for Her Adorable Interaction With Skyscraper Window Cleaner

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A playful pooch received a shock when she came face-to-face with a window cleaner outside her owner’s condo 22 story’s high above the Chicago skyline.

When Gracie, aged 11, first saw a face appear at the window of her apartment, the protective pug initially played guard dog, barking and bouncing around.

Gracie’s owner, Arlie Chang, 45, heard Gracie’s initial barks on May 25 and found her jumping up and down and running back and forth as the window cleaner moved from side to side.

After the initial intruder alert Gracie calmed down and even started playing with the window cleaner as he moved his squeegee so she could chase it.

Left: Arlie with Gracie; Right: Gracie in her coat. ©@graciethepug14 / T&T Creative Media
Gracie plays with the window cleaner. ©@graciethepug14 / T&T Creative Media

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Gracie was recently diagnosed with oral cancer, so Arlie revealed cute moments like this to make life more precious and allow her to appreciate their time together.

She said: “I was making breakfast when, all of a sudden, Gracie started barking like crazy over at the windows.

“I went over to look and she thought the window washer was trying to get into our home.

“When I saw this, I immediately grabbed my phone and started filming the interaction.


“I started laughing – it was such a cute interaction.

“Gracie was in her guard dog mode and the window washer just kept on smiling and playing with her as he washed the windows.

“It seems everyone thinks Gracie’s video is funny and adorable.”


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