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Couple Announce Pregnancy Through Glow Stick Dance Routine

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A couple came up with a unique way of announcing their pregnancy – by revealing their baby news through a glow stick dance, where a little glowing baby suddenly appeared.


In the wholesome video, couple Kelly and Nick can be seen simply as stick figures in the dark, their bodies illuminated by the glow sticks they have attached to their legs, chest, face, and arms.

Then, with just the stick figures visible, the couple start dancing – with one more surprise still to come.

Midway through the dance, Kelly, 32, from Sydney, Australia, lifted her shirt to reveal a smaller stick figure on her belly, its size and position hinting at her pregnancy.

Since then, Kelly has given birth to a son named Oliver, who was born in March of this year.

Kelly said she decided to post the video online because it had initially received an outpouring of love before Oliver was born.


She added: “I reposted the video to give everyone a good laugh again because nothing is better than being able to put a smile on someone’s face.

©@kelllyy.nicole / T&T Creative Media
©@kelllyy.nicole / T&T Creative Media

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“Our friends and family loved the announcement!

“Many comments about how it was the best announcement they had ever seen and it felt so good being able to make everyone laugh during the lockdown when a lot of people were struggling.


“The message I hope others take is to have some fun and not to be afraid to be a little silly.

“Everyone loves a good laugh.”

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