Good NewsBaby Elvis Wows Bar With Incredible Dance Moves

Baby Elvis Wows Bar With Incredible Dance Moves

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This baby Elvis has nailed the King of Rock N Roll’s famous dance moves.

Pint-sized crooner Frankie Haugh, aged six when the video was filmed, can be seen doing the rubber legs moves perfected by the King.

Frankie is obsessed with Elvis Presley – and cannot resist getting up and practicing his dance whenever one of the famous crooner’s songs comes on the radio.

In the video, he can be seen wowing a pub full of punters with his slick moves.

Onlookers are amazed at the youngster’s skills and applaud him as his perfected routine comes to an end.


His dad, Anthony Haugh, said: “He loves dancing like Elvis so when the band started playing he couldn’t stop those little legs moving.”

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