Amazing Moment Dog Paralyzed In Car Accident Walks Again

Kind-hearted volunteers help this paralyzed dog walk again


The good people over at Animal Aid India have been spreading their good charm – this time showcasing the story of a dog who has walked for the first time since a horrific accident.

They received a call from worried passersby, who reported the dog had been struck by a car.

With the pooch dragging his back legs along and unable to stand up, people feared the worst for the little critter.

According to Animal Aid, on closer inspection he had suffered major trauma to his spine, causing nerve damage – which often does not recover. But the good-hearted staff refused to give up on the dog.

After weeks of physical therapy, he began to wiggle his toes. Eventually, after plenty of persistence, the dog – named Georgie – has taken his miraculous first steps.



If you haven’t already, watch the full heart-warming story above.

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