1. Radiation Runway

©Allie Olson / tt-creative.com

Breast cancer patient Allie Olson brought humor to her daily, month-long treatment, styling her hospital robe 30 different ways to create her own take on Project Runway she called ‘Radiation Runway’.

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2. Radiation Runway

Allie Olson, 40, shared photos and videos of her Radiation Runway project as a way of staying positive and inspiring others going through similar treatment. 

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3. Radiation Runway

The artist, from Brooklyn, New York, first discovered a lump on her breast while in quarantine in May 2020, but after initially being told it was not cancerous, that diagnosis changed in September, after the pain persisted and a surgeon removed a lump of tissue.

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4. Radiation Runway

Allie was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer that is treated as triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). 

TNBC is an aggressive form of breast cancer with lower treatment options and a high reoccurrence rate, meaning Allie needed to start treatment as soon as possible. 

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5. Radiation Runway

During the pandemic, Allie, living alone in a Brooklyn apartment, went through 16 cycles of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, and 30 sessions of radiation.

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6. Radiation Runway

Allie modified her robe into a more fashionable design, and after a woman in the waiting room laughed and radiation therapists expressed their admiration, Radiation Runway was born – the name a humorous nod to Project Runway.

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7. Radiation Runway

Allie has now completed her treatment and is awaiting the all-clear from doctors. meanwhile, she has begun creating art again.

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