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Kindhearted Man Goes Viral When His Wife Captured the Moment He Helped a Lady Down a Set of Stairs at a Concert Because She Had a Fear of Heights

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A kindhearted man has gone viral after his wife shared a wholesome video of him helping a lady who was scared to walk down a steep set of steps at a concert.


In the inspiring video, Quincy Cole, 33, can be seen standing on the steps in one of the upper tiers of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, looking upwards at the woman.

Then, as the lady takes small baby steps going down, Quincy, who is standing in front of her, takes steps backwards, reassuring the lady that he has her covered if she falls.

The moment took place on September 23, when Quincy and his wife, Katie, 31, from Enterprise, Alabama, were attending the iHeartRadio Music Festival – a concert at the arena.

According to Katie, she and Quincy had reached their seats, when a couple next to them said that there was a lady on the steps who was too scared to head down to reach her husband.

Hearing this, Quincy decided to head over, and the woman trusted him enough to help her make the journey to her husband.


As he was doing so, Katie took a short video of her husband’s kind act, which she shared on social media but never expected to go viral.

Soon, though, Katie’s phone began to blow up, and, to date, the video has received more than two million views online. 

Katherine Cole / T&T Creative Media

Later, she and Quincy were even contacted by the woman’s family, as they had seen the video in their native England, Katie said, and wanted to thank Quincy for helping their 55-year-old mother.

Katie said: “That is just the type of person my husband has always been, so I feel blessed to witness anytime he does kind gestures. 


“I just really happy that the world can now see how he is. 

“The responses have been nothing short of amazing. 

“They were very positive and everybody that knows Quincy knows that he has always been this way. 

“The lady’s daughter commented on my TikTok and told me that was her mom in the video, and then her son messaged me on Instagram, telling me that that was his mom and that she was so happy that my husband was there to help her to be able to enjoy the concert.”

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