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Crafty Sea Lions Make Friends With Fishing Group by Visiting Their Returning Boat on Numerous Days to Beg for Their Catches

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This group of holidaymakers got quite a shock on a recent fishing trip, as a group of sea lions discovered the exact time to hop on their boat and beg for a tasty treat.

In the adorable footage, the delighted sea lions can, on various occasions, be seen hopping on the back of the group’s-chartered fishing boat off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, asking the fishermen for part of their catch.

Bill Kleinfelder captured the amazing moments, which occurred on two days in early September. 

Bill, 54, from Cocoa, Florida, said the clever sea lions had projected when he and his four friends would be returning from their fishing trip – the prime time to ask for food.

The friendly sea lion leaps onto the back of the boat in search of a treat. ©T&T Creative Media
The sea lion waits patiently for his snack. ©T&T Creative Media
The group of fishermen and women encountered the friendly sea lion. ©T&T Creative Media

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This occurred on both days that Bill – along with Lester and Brett Woodring, and Todd and Kris Freese – came back with a catch that included marlin, dorado and tuna.

Initially, Bill said, the group were wary of the creatures, but after they had hopped onboard and looked into the live well, the group knew exactly what the sea lions were looking for.

Bill, speaking of the response to the videos he captured of such a memorable moment, said: “Everyone loved it. 

“I got more comments on the sea lions than I did with the pictures of our marlin, and wife wanted me to bring one home for our pool! 


“They also know how to work for a crowd – almost like a dog would beg at the kitchen table. 

“It was definitely our biggest catch of the day.”


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