Elderly Man Goes Viral As He Is Caught On Video Wholesomely Writing Chalk Messages To A Group Of Neighborhood Kids

An elderly man has gone viral after he was caught on video writing wholesome chalk messages back to a group of neighborhood children.

Deaf And Blind Dog Instantly Recognizes Returning Grandpa After Year Apart Due To COVID

A deaf and blind dog suddenly burst into life when she caught the scent of her owner's physician father, who she had not had contact with for more than a year because of the pandemic.

Mom Left Screaming In Restaurant After She’s Surprised By Military Son Back From 10 Months On Deployment

A single mom was left screaming in shock in a restaurant as she was surprised by her military son returning from a 10 month deployment abroad.

Vietnam Veterans Brought to Tears as They Are Reunited With Soldier They Presumed Dead When He Was Injured in Combat More Than 50 Years...

A Vietnam vet was given a surprise reunion with two other veterans who had presumed he had died in combat more than 50 years ago.

Kind-hearted Vacationers Help Elderly Man With Dementia Who Wanted to Catch a Wave on What Could Be His Final Beach Trip

A group of kind-hearted vacationers helped an elderly man with dementia who wanted to catch a wave one last time.

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