Teenager Gets Double Dose of Good News at Graduation: Diploma and Military Dad’s Return

Natalie Villafana, 18, received a double dose of good news at her high school graduation when her military dad, MSgt. Samuel Villafana, 36, surprised her on stage after six months serving overseas. The wholesome moment was captured on video and went viral.

Hungry Baby Tries to Breastfeed From Gorilla Statue

A hungry baby went ape for his next meal - hilariously trying to breastfeed from a gorilla statue.

2-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Caught on Camera Practicing Swing in the Middle of the Night

Golf-mad two-year-old Wes Koelliker is taking the internet by storm. The toddler has been caught on camera practicing his swing in the middle of the night, and golf fans are amazed by his passion for the game.

Quick-thinking Ups Driver Rescues Dog That Escaped House During Delivery With Wholesome Moment Caught On Doorbell Cam

A quick-thinking delivery driver rescued a dog that escaped from its home while they were delivering a parcel.

Radiation Runway: Artist Battling Cancer Crafts Hospital Gown Into Fashionable Dresses

Breast cancer patient Allie Olson brought humor to her daily, month-long treatment, styling her hospital robe 30 different ways to create her own take on Project Runway she called 'Radiation Runway'.

Elderly Man Goes Viral As He Is Caught On Video Wholesomely Writing Chalk Messages To A Group Of Neighborhood Kids

An elderly man has gone viral after he was caught on video writing wholesome chalk messages back to a group of neighborhood children.

Deaf And Blind Dog Instantly Recognizes Returning Grandpa After Year Apart Due To COVID

A deaf and blind dog suddenly burst into life when she caught the scent of her owner's physician father, who she had not had contact with for more than a year because of the pandemic.

Mom Left Screaming In Restaurant After She’s Surprised By Military Son Back From 10 Months On Deployment

A single mom was left screaming in shock in a restaurant as she was surprised by her military son returning from a 10 month deployment abroad.

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