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An adopted man cried in his birth mother's arms as he was finally reunited with her for the first time after searching for almost 40 years.

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Donor match reveal party
There was not a dry eye in the house when a teen battling an ultra-rare form of childhood cancer opened a package to reveal that her siblings were a perfect bone marrow transplant match.
dad jumps for joy at mustang surprise
A shell-shocked dad cried happy tears before running out of his house in delight, as his family handed him a pair of car keys that let him know that they had purchased his dream car. After being handed the keys, 45-year-old Jimmy Green began shouting, "You bought me a Mustang?!" before then realizing that he had seen the black racer...
A group of close sisters-in-law played an incredible prank on their four husbands, as they each purchased the brothers the same shirt to wear to a large family gathering.

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