A mother was left devastated when she called a dog breeder to discover the puppy she wanted had been sold - only for her loving son to later surprise her with it.
A shocked teenager broke down in floods of happy tears when her older brothers surprised her with a canvas portrait of her late dog.
While people have been using the shutdown as an opportunity to learn new skills, one boy has taken things a step further – learning how to communicate with birds.
An excitable pooch has been reunited with her owner after being missing for more than two years.
A young girl’s adorable nighttime routine of walking around her family’s barn and having her doll give each of the horses a good-night pat on the head has melted hears online.
bear naps on porch
A woman was woken in the middle of the night by a bear sleeping on her porch - and it was still there in the morning lying flat out using one of her cushions for comfort.
adopted dog given send off party
A grateful pooch was given a loving sendoff after he was finally adopted from his shelter after more than 500 days.
A 13-year-old has been emotionally surprised with a Boston Terrier puppy for his birthday – gifted to him by his Dad, who pre-planned the present before passing away from cancer.
A caring passerby rescued a squirrel trapped in a discarded net, who would have surely been the preyed upon by predators if he didn't help.
humpback whales breach
This is the stunning moment a 10-year-old girl was left jaw-dropped as a pair of giant humpback whales breached and pirouetted right next to her and her father’s boat.