An owl had to be cut free by kind-hearted engineers after getting stuck in a giant pipe inside an industrial refurbishment.

Boy Surprised With Birthday Puppy After Having No One To Play With

This is the adorable moment an eight-year-old received a new fluffy best friend – after missing playing with his grown up older brothers who had left home.

Man Surprises Girlfriend With Puppy She’s Always Wanted – But There’s a Special Message On His Collar

A thoughtful hubby-to-be gave his girlfriend a double shock when he surprised her with the puppy she’s always dreamed of wearing a collar reading ‘will you marry me?’

Dolphin Interacts And Playfully Spins With Boy, 3, At Aquarium

This is the moment a boy has an amazing encounter with a dolphin – who spins with joy in front of the mesmerized kid.

Golden Retriever Snuggles New Born Baby As They Meet For First Time

This is the tender moment a family’s Golden Retriever snuggles up to their new baby girl as she meets her for the first time.

Military Dog Given Hero’s Sendoff By K-9 Dept And Veterinary Staff

A retired bomb sniffer dog was given an emotional goodbye by veterinary staff and K-9 unit as they formed a guard of honor for him.

Dog Sings Opera Along With His Soprano Owner

Opera may not be for everyone - but this pooch is clearly a huge fan.

Excited Baby Meets Puppy For The First Time

This is the adorable moment a baby can’t contain her excitement at meeting her tiny new puppy for the first time.

Patriotic Goose Filmed Respecting The National Anthem On Military Base

A patriotic goose has been filmed stopping still in the middle of a road for the Star-Spangled Banner on a military base.

Scavenger Hunt Leads Kids To Adorable Puppy

This is the adorable moment four siblings discover a puppy as an early Christmas present at the end of a surprise scavenger hunt created by their parents.

Stranded Goat Stuck On A Tiny Legde Halfway Up A Cliff Face Has Been Rescued After Over A Week Stranded

This is the moment a goat stuck for over a week on a tiny ledge was rescued by heroic volunteers.

Wild Deer Bows At Tourists To Say Hello

Japan is widely seen as the most polite nation on earth - but now even the animals are getting in on the act.

Guilty Dog Desperately Tries To Conceal His Wrongdoing After Eating Ornament

This is the hilarious moment an adorable dog desperately tries to conceal his guilt while hiding in the shower after breaking a decorative bird when his owner was out.

Cat Yells No At Owner Trying To Bathe Him

It’s common knowledge that domestic cats hate water. But one moggie has taken things a step further - seemingly saying ‘No’ to his owners bathe him.

Man Proposes to Girlfriend With Help of Sloth

A creative boyfriend called on a helping paw from a sloth has he decided to pop the question to his future wife.

Rescue Dog Reunited With Navy Owner After Boot Camp

An excitable rescue dog couldn’t hide his delight when his military mom returned home from boot camp - knocking her over in the process.