Man Proposes to Girlfriend With Help of Sloth

A creative boyfriend called on a helping paw from a sloth has he decided to pop the question to his future wife.

Owl Cut-Free By Rescuers After Getting Stuck Inside Giant Pipe

An owl had to be cut free by kind-hearted engineers after getting stuck in a giant pipe inside an industrial refurbishment.

Rescue Dog Reunited With Navy Owner After Boot Camp

An excitable rescue dog couldn’t hide his delight when his military mom returned home from boot camp - knocking her over in the process.

Raccoon With Brain Injury Has Custom Wheelchair To Walk Again

An injured raccoon was given a new lease of life when rehab specialists fitted her with her very own WHEELCHAIR to help with recovery.

Rescuers Save Sea Lion With Tire Stuck Around His Neck

A group of rescuers saved a sea lion after he got his head stuck inside a tire while swimming.

A Cat Who Had Her Tail Bitten by a Rhino Has Struck Up an...

A cat who had her tail bitten off by a rhino hasn’t let that stop her from befriending another of the majestic animals.
Rescue dog first bone

Adorable Rescue Poodle Can’t Contain Excitement at Finding Bone for the First Time

This is the adorable moment a once-anxious rescue dog couldn’t hide her excitement as she finally saw a BONE for the first time.

Adorable Moment Girl With Cerebral Palsy is Surprised With Therapy Puppy at Airport Upon...

This is the heart-warming moment a girl with cerebral palsy is surprised with the therapy dog she has always wanted at the airport.

Wife Plans Elaborate Scavenger Hunt For Husband With Surprise Puppy At The End

A wife set up an elaborate scavenger hunt leading her husband to an adorable surprise – a new Bernese mountain dog puppy.

Girl Brought To Tears As Her Beloved Cat Is Returned After Disappearing For Almost...

A young girl was brought to tears after being reunited with her beloved cat who had been missing for almost an entire year.

Ice Cream Loving Dog Buys Own Treat Every Day From Truck Using Dollar Bill...

An ice cream loving dog has learned to buy his favorite treat every time the neighbourhood truck comes round by using a dollar tucked in his collar.

Horse Loving Couple Use Sliding Performance For One-of-a-kind Viral Gender Reveal

A couple drafted in the help of a four-legged friend when it came to their one-of-a-kind gender reveal - using a sliding performance horse to let the world know the sex of their baby.

Kindhearted Friends Stop Car To Rescue Trapped Moose Calf

A kindhearted pair rescued a moose calf trapped in barbed wire at the side of a road while its grateful mother watched on.
Otter toy

Playful Otter Mimics Stuffed Toy Of Itself While Youngster Moves It Around On Aquarium...

This is the adorable moment an otter began playing with a toy of itself while the child moved the stuffed animal around on the aquarium glass.
Dancing with dog

Man On Business Trip Receives Intruder Alert – Only To Discover It Is Girlfriend...

A man away on business received an alert to his phone saying there was an intruder in his home - only to discover video of his girlfriend dancing with their dog.
Cat pitch invader

Furry Pitch Invader Brings Baseball Game To Halt

A baseball game was interrupted by an unexpected intruder in the form of a cat.
Dog snuggles pillow

Heartbroken Dog Loves Snuggling With Pillow Featuring Picture Of Best Friend Who Passed Away

A heartbroken dog can't stop snuggling a pillow featuring a picture on it of his best buddy who saldy passed away from cancer
Ducklings led through school by mom

Mother Duck Leads Ducklings Through School

Mama duck leads her ducklings through school hallways to outdoor creek after nesting in interior courtyard annually for the past 10 years

Aging Military Dog Gets Hero’s Send-off With Guard Of Honor

A retired bomb sniffer dog was given an emotional goodbye by veterinary staff and K-9 unit as they formed a guard of honor for him. Robson the German Shepherd’s service included supporting...

Huge Bullmastiff Smothers US Soldier With Kisses On Return Home

A giant dog couldn’t contain his excitement when his US soldier ‘brother’ returned home after almost three months - climbing on top of and smothering him with love. Jaxson, an 18-month-old Bullmastiff,...