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Writer’s Gift Cards Offer Bite-Sized Hope to the Homeless

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An author is warming hearts and stomachs across the US with his unique brand of philanthropy: “kindness cards.”


Jason Wright, a bestselling novelist from Woodstock, Virginia, has traded pens for pre-paid meal vouchers, handing out food gift cards to the homeless he encounters.

Wright’s mission stems from a simple desire to “be a vehicle for other people who, in most cases, are too shy to directly offer these acts of kindness.”


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He emphasizes that his initiative, while impactful, isn’t a silver bullet for homelessness. “Because we’re not solving all of the homelessness problem with Taco Bell gift cards, right?” he says. “It’s just me being a vehicle for other people.”

The cards themselves, typically for fast-food chains like Taco Bell or McDonald’s, offer immediate relief and a small beacon of hope to the unhoused individuals he meets on his travels.


Wright recounts encounters where recipients’ eyes well up with tears, overwhelmed by the unexpected generosity.


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In one instance, a homeless man, hesitant at first, accepted the card with his voice thick with emotion and stated that the McDonald’s gift card gave him not only a meal but also hope that he was not alone.

Wright’s “kindness card” movement has garnered national attention, fueled by heartwarming stories from his travels.


His website,, chronicles his journey and allows supporters to contribute to the cause. He’s even authored a book, “Rise Today,” that expands on his message of hope and compassion.


While the cards themselves offer tangible benefits, Wright emphasizes the deeper impact he hopes to achieve.

“It’s about human connection,” he says. “It’s about looking someone in the eye and saying, ‘I see you. You matter.'”

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