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Woman Reunited With Long-Lost Bridal Photos After 65 Years

A woman has been reunited with her cherished bridal photos after 65 years, thanks to the determination of a stranger who stumbled upon them at an auction.


Sandra Poindexter, a retired nurse, purchased a box of old picture frames at an auction in Lynchburg, Virginia, for $5. Among them, she discovered a faded wedding portrait capturing a radiant bride.

Intrigued, she noticed a piece of masking tape on the back bearing the inscription: “Harriet Elizabeth Marshall Galbraith”

The clue written on masking tape.

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Sandra immediately embarked on a mission to track down the rightful owner.

“I bought these to use the frames, but the photos are so gorgeous I hate to get rid of them,” she shared in a social media post, hoping someone might recognize the bride.


“Anyone related that wants these photos?” she added.

Sandra’s plea resonated online, and after the post gathered traction in a local Facebook group, she had a breakthrough.

Retired nurse, Sandra, who bought the photos at auction.

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A member of the online Facebook group, Donna Reichard, set to work doing some internet sleuthing.


Using specialist software, she tracked down the bride Harriet Elizabeth Marshal Galbraith, originally from Williamsburg, Virginia, but now living in San Antonia, Texas.

Harriet, who was 21 at the time the bridal photos were taken, was overcome with emotion upon learning of the photos’ rediscovery.

“I thought I’d never see them again,” she expressed in media interviews.

Harriet’s original wedding portraits.

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Harriet, it transpired, had been searching for the photos for decades – had hoped to gift them to her granddaughters.


But after many fruitless searches, she gave up assuming they had been lost during her move across the country.

But now, thanks to Sandra’s remarkable social media post, and the detective work of Donna, they have been reunited.

Harriet today.

“I’m so grateful to Sandra for finding them and bringing them back to me,” Harriet said.

“Seeing the portraits again brought back wonderful, happy memories,” she reflected to the Washington Post.

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