baby laughs at air shot

A cheeky baby’s reaction to her mother’s missed golf swing has gone viral, after she burst into hysterics as soon as he mom made an air shot.

Mackenzie Haggett, from Boise, Idaho, recently took an interest in golf, and so her husband, Blake, decided to take her on a trip to their local range to hit a few buckets.

The couple also brought along their 16-month-old daughter, Aria, who was placed in her seat behind her mother’s bay at the range.

With Mackenzie setting up to swing, Blake decided to start his camera rolling, which happened to capture his wife taking a complete air shot.

As soon as Mackenzie swung through and missed the ball, Aria immediately burst into high-pitched laughter at her mother’s misfortune.

The moment caused Blake to burst into laughter, too, declaring: “That was epic.”

Blake, an avid golfer himself, shared the video from August 5 on social media, seeing it receive a viral response.

Blake said: “We are still working on mom’s swing and we need a lesson as soon as possible.

“This golf course is very family friendly so it’s been a place we go often to smack some balls around.  “We have really enjoyed bringing out our little one to the course every chance we get.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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