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‘The Saddest Dog at The Shelter’ Finds Forever Home

Dembe, a dog who was once called the “saddest dog at the shelter” because of his downcast demeanor as he awaited adoption, has found a forever home at an animal sanctuary.


The four-year-old pup was being cared for at Louisville Metro Animal Services (LMA), an animal shelter in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was named Dembe, which means “peace” in Ugandan.

His owner had been tragically killed in 2019, after which his neighbor brought him to the shelter.

He quickly captured the hearts of the shelter staff with his gentle personality, but his forlorn looks as he waited to find a loving home led to staff dubbing him the “saddest dog at the shelter” in a plea to help find him a home.

But thanks to the dedication of the shelter staff and Tribe Animal Sanctuary, Dembe will finally receive the care he needs.

“Dembe is a special dog who deserves a loving home,” said a spokesperson for the shelter. “We are so grateful to Tribe for opening their doors to him and giving him the chance to live a happy and healthy life.”


Dembe has several medical issues which cause him pain, but he is awaiting surgery to be scheduled.

And Tribe Animal Sanctuary says he’s not currently up for adoption. They said: “As a sanctuary, we don’t hurry dogs to adoption. 

“We allow them ‘sanctuary’ to recover physically and emotionally. We need to help him find and gain his mojo.”

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