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Adorable Pup With 2 Broken Legs Refuses To Give Up On Life

An 11-week-old puppy has refused to give up on life - despite being born with two complex fractures in her front legs.

Talented Parrot Opens Beer Bottle For Grateful Owner

A parrot owner has discovered her parrot has a unique knack for opening bottles of beer.

Peacock Gets 3D Printed Foot After Losing His To Frostbite

A peacock who lost a foot due to severe frostbite and was close to being put down has made a miraculous recover - thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic leg.

Dog Missing For 11 Days Reunited With Family After Being Rescued From Mineshaft

A dog missing for eleven days was safely reunited with her owners after heroic firefighters hoisted her from a mine.

No Doggie Breath! Pomsky Loves Having Teeth Brushed

Dogs are notorious for hating having their teeth brushed but one pomsky has bucked the trend.

Amazing Moment Dog Paralyzed In Car Accident Walks Again

The good people over at Animal Aid India have been spreading their good charm - this time showcasing the story of a dog who has walked for the first time since a horrific accident.

Clever Pup Stages Escape By Opening 4 Doors So He Can Reunite With His...

The incredible determination of a dog that escaped from a Virginia animal hospital was caught on camera.

He may be different, but Cletus the Insta famous dog just found a new...

He may look a little different, but Cletus the Insta famous dog has finally found a new home!

Hapless Dog Fails Miserably At Crufts – But Couldn’t Be Happier!

Hapless dog fails miserably at Crufts - but couldn't be happier!

Cute Quokka Poses For The Camera

Cute quokka selfie captured in pictures in Australia that will melt your heart.