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Soldier Surprises 170lb Bullmastiff By Hiding In Gift-wrapped Box As He Returns Home

A 170lb (12 stone) dog couldn’t contain his puppy-like excitement when his U.S. Army human brother returned home for Christmas and surprised him by hiding in a gift-wrapped box.

Girl, 5, Shows Off Her Soldier Dad’s Voice In Teddy During Show And Tell...

A girl couldn’t contain her excitement as she showed off her solider dad’s voice in a teddy during show and tell, only for him to suddenly appear in her classroom.

Former U.S. Air Force Pilot Surprises Stepdaughter In Class Wearing Full Pilots Uniform

A girl with autism and mild Asperger’s Syndrome immediately dived into her stepdad’s arms when he came to surprise her in school in full military gear.

Loving Marine Leaves Stepdaughter Speechless By Surprising Her With Adoption Papers

A doting Marine left his stepdaughter speechless when he surprised her with adoption papers hidden in her backpack.

Navy Commander Reunites With Son Who Has Rare Brain Condition And Breaks Down...

A navy commander was brought to tears when he arrived at school to surprise his son who has a rare brain condition after almost eight months away on deployment.

U.S. Marine Surprises His Brother After Finishing Active Service

A U.S. Marine surprised his kid brother after returning home from active service for good.

U.S. Navy Sailor Surprises His Brother At School With Help Of Police Officer

A teenager got the biggest fright then surprise of his life when he was hauled out of class by a police officer - only to be reunited with his Navy Sailor brother.

Ex-Marine Gives Emotional Sign-Off As He Retires From The Police After 26 Years

This is the emotional moment an ex-Marine turned cop signs off on radio for the last time as he retires after 26 years of service in law enforcement.

Apache Pilot Mom Makes Son’s Wish Come True By Surprising Him At School

An Apache pilot mom listens as her son wishes for her to come home - before she steps out to surprise him after returning from Afghanistan.

Soldier Surprises His Mom On Her Birthday By Returning Home Early From Overseas

A mom received the best birthday present when her U.S. Army son returned home after 18 months to surprise her while she was blindfolded.