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Military Dad Surprises Kids Who Thought He Was Still In Afghanistan By Hiding Behind...

Four kids were left stunned when they arrived at an airport for a reunion, only to discover their military dad who they thought was still in Afghanistan hiding behind a ‘welcome’ banner.

Military Dad Surprises His Five Kids In Disney’s Magic Kingdom After A Year-long Deployment In...

Five young siblings were given the surprise of their life when they posed for a photo at Disney’s Magic Kingdom only for their military father to appear in shot.

American Woman Kidnapped At Birth Is Reunited With Family After 25 Years

An American woman who was kidnapped at birth in her native Romania has been reunited with her family after 25 years apart.

Military Dad Surprises Kids As They Receive School Award By Suddenly Appearing From Behind...

Three siblings thought they were simply picking up awards at school - only to be surprised with the greatest trophy of all as their military dad surprised them after returning home.

Copycat Toddler Douses Room With Diaper Cream In Bid To Be Like His Painter...

A toddler whose father is a painter was caught red handed copying his dad by ‘painting’ his bedroom with cream.

High-schooler’s Social Experiment Telling Teens They Are Beautiful Raises Smiles, Laughs And Tears

A high-schooler has captured the reactions of people as they are unexpectedly told they’re beautiful as part of a social experiment.

Boy With Autism Who Loves Safety Signs And Fire Alarms Can’t Hide Delight At...

A young boy with Autism who loves safety signs and fire alarms couldn’t stop smiling after receiving a gift containing all of his favorite things.

Delighted Toddler And Avid Disney Fan Bounds Down Magic Kingdom Main Street After Taking...

An enthusiastic toddler and avid Disney fan was able to take his first steps inside one of its parks recently, joyously strolling down Main Street, U.S.A., in Magic Kingdom, Florida.

Baby Hears Mom And Dad For First Time As Hearing Aids Activated

A happy youngster couldn’t hide his delight when his hearing aids were activated for the first time and could hear his mother and father's voices.
Two best friends reunite with a hug

Best Friends Emotionally Reunite After Four Months Of Lockdown

Two best friends were emotionally reunited after spending four long months apart due to the shelter at home orders across the United States.