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Mom-To-Be Has Hair Dyed Pink Or Blue While Blindfolded For Double Gender Reveal Surprise

A pregnant woman had her hair dyed pink or blue while blindfolded for a double gender reveal surprise.

Thrill-seeking Father-To-Be Scared Of Heights Skydives For First Time To Reveal Gender Of Baby

A father-to-be who is scared of heights discovered the sex of his baby through his first ever skydive.

Game Of Thrones Loving Dad Collapses During Dragon Egg Gender Reveal Upon Discovering He’s...

A Game of Thrones loving dad collapsed during a dragon egg gender reveal upon discovering he's having another boy.

Adorable Moment Five Brothers Finally Meet Newborn Sister

Five brothers anxiously meet their newborn sibling for the first time - just months after their pure elation at discovering they were getting the sister they dreamed of.