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Excitable Dog Waits Patiently Before Greeting Mailman Every Day Whatever The Weather And The...

An adorable pooch has struck up a sweet bond with his family’s mailman waiting patiently for him to deliver the mail before bounding out to say hello come rain or shine.

Golden Retriever Puppy Confused By Spiky Ball, Giving Itself Phantom Pricks

An adorable golden retriever puppy didn’t know what to do the first time she came into contact with a spiky ball - appearing to give herself phantom pricks.

Woman Whose Veteran Husband Died Is Unexpectedly Surprised With Companionship Puppy

This is the emotional moment a woman struggling with the loss of her veteran husband was surprised with a puppy by her close-knit group of cousins and named it after her husband.

Dog Goes Wild At Being Reunited With Doctor Owner After They Had Spent Three...

An excitable dog couldn’t hide his delight at finally being reunited with his doctor owner after almost three weeks apart due to COVID-19 precautions.
Corgi sings

Little Girl Traveling Home With New Corgi Puppy Discovers His Talent For Singing When...

A little girl riding home with her new corgi puppy was amazed when she discovered his talent for singing.

Dog Groomer Surprised With Puppy After Her Dog Passed Away

A dog groomer burst into happy tears when she discovered an adorable puppy she was grooming was actually a gift to her.
baby dangles spaghetti

Baby Bursts Into Adorable Giggles As He Dangles Spaghetti Just Out Of Reach Of...

A cute baby bursts into adorable giggles as he dangles a spaghetti noodle just out of reach of his family’s small dog.

Construction Workers Rescue Dog From River In Nick Of Time

A group of brave construction workers have been caught on camera rescuing a trapped dog from high waters.
drone dog rescue

Man Uses Drone To Locate And Rescue Dog Missing For 10 Days

A professional videographer who read a missing dog post online 10 days after a Golden Retriever first went missing headed into the forest and incredibly managed to track down and rescue the pooch using his drone.

Dog Can’t Hide Its Excitement As Military-Serving Owner Returns From Deployment Just In Time...

An excitable Labrador could not hide her delight, as her military mom returned from deployment just in time for the holiday season.