Service Dog Has Priceless Reaction To Meeting Disney’s Pluto

Ace the Labrador visited Disney as part of his training



A service dog for the blind met with Pluto, the Disney dog, and is reaction was incredible.

Ace the Yellow Labrador is in training to become a guide dog with Guide Dogs of America.

As part of his training, his handler Sandy Steinblums took him to Disneyland to interact with crowds, prepping him for his new life helping the blind.

But when the pair stumbled across Disney’s very own pup, the two got on like a house on fire.

Bowing down and rubbing noses together, the pair looked inseparable.

Bystanders awwwed as Ace wagged his tail having met his new doggy friend.

Sandy Steinblums says that the objective of this experiment was for Ace to be calm and stay down, while Pluto tries to break his stay.

Sandy is training Ace to be a guide dog for the blind, so she is very thankful to the characters at the park for being very helpful, because Ace still has between six and nine months of training before he can become an official guide dog.