This is the life changing moment a girl with hearing issues is surprised with her own service dog.

Emily Huneycutt, 10, had been afraid of being left alone due to her genetic hearing loss condition which gets progressively worse has she gets older.

Her condition had become so severe, she was afraid to go to the bathroom or shower alone.

But after being surprised with a service dog called Piper, her life has drastically changed for the better – growing in confidence with the assistance of her furry helper.

Video shows the moment her mom Angel hid Piper – a Yorkie – in a box, before calling out Emily’s name and asking why she hadn’t put away her clothes, usually stored in the box.

A confused Emily obliges but upon opening the pink box is startled to see a cute Yorkie puppy with bowtie on her head sitting patiently inside.

Overcome with emotion, she leaps backwards screaming “OH MY GOD!” Before adding at the top of her voice “I’ve got a puppy!”.

Her startled mom continues to film as Emily cry’s tears of joy and hugs her new pooch.

Angel, from Sumter, South Carolina, said: “Since getting Piper, Emilys life has really changed.

“Before Piper, Emily was afraid to be alone due to her hearing loss.

“But now, if someone knocks or Piper hears any strange noise, she will bark therefore alerting Emily which in turn makes Emily feel safe and more secure. Its like Piper is her ears.

“Piper is her hero and Emily is a wonderful big sister to her.”

Talking about the surprise, Angel added: “Once I got Piper, I put her in a ventilated box and asked Emily why she didn’t put up her clothes since that is one of her chores.

“And once she opened the box she saw the dog and was so excited, bursting into tears.

“She is so excited about life and she loves surprises so I surprise her quite often even with small things. But despite expecting her to be excited, her reaction was far beyond anything I imagined!

“She was so excited and happy she went wild with her emotions from hollering, laughing, to crying – it was beautiful.”