Mother and Daughter Break Down in Tears as They Meet for the Very First Time After Adoption

She was forced to give up her baby 52 years ago and hadn't seen her since


A mother and daughter were brought to tears as they met for the very first time in their lives.

Ann Blodgett reunties with her daughter Laurie Joncas after 52 years apart in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. ©

Ann Blodgett had not seen her daughter, Laurie Joncas, since giving her up for adoption in September 1965 – and so emotions were running high when the two finally came face-to-face.

Approaching each other on a walkway in front of a beach, Ann and Laurie embraced, the emotion of the occasion causing Laurie to even fall to her knees in floods of tears.

Mother Ann, 73, said that in the days when she gave up Laurie, being an unwed mom was a taboo and she was not in a position to raise a child.

Fast forward to April 2017, and Ann received a call from her niece, Beth, to say that she had matched with Ann’s daughter on a DNA website, which stated Laurie would be Beth’s first cousin.

Knowing all of her other cousins, Ann’s niece had concluded only one thing: Laurie must be Ann’s daughter.

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In August 2017, Ann and Laurie – from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – arranged to meet in person in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but it wasn’t until recently that Ann decided to upload the video to social media and share her unique story.

The timing of the reunion provided Laurie with her biological family at a time when she needed support more than ever, as her sister had passed away, while her adopted parents were very ill.

Since the meeting Ann that day, Laurie’s adopted parents have both passed, meaning Ann has stepped into a hole in her daughter’s heart.

Ann, from Conway, South Carolina, said: “I could hardly breathe when I saw them coming towards me. 

“We were both crying so hard. 

“I felt like my heart would explode!

“We feel complete now – like a big hole has been filled in our hearts.

“Even without the video I can still hear her words: You’re my Mom… You look like my Mom… You have my eyes… I’ve looked for you forever… This doesn’t seem real.

“We talk all the time and the similarities are just amazing.

“We love each other and we love our story.”

(Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media)

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