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Man Honored After Completing Act of Kindness Everyday for Three Years

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A man has been honored after committing to daily acts of kindness for three years straight.

Sebbie Hall, who began his mission at 17, has performed thousands of acts ranging from donating to homeless charities, and gifting 800 toys to children’s homes, to simple acts such as buying strangers coffee.

The youngster, from Lichfield, UK, was born with a rare chromosome anomaly, but he refused to let that stop him from making an impact.

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Now aged 20, he started his journey of kindness during lockdown, initially with a plan to donate his computer to classmates without access.


This evolved into a fundraiser to buy laptops, kickstarting his continuous efforts to help others.

Sebbie’s commitment led to the founding of The Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation, aimed at aiding vulnerable youngsters.

Recognized for his efforts, KIND Snacks honored Sebbie as the UK’s 2023 Kind Hero, commemorated with a six-foot-tall statue in London.

Courtesy: KIND Snacks

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Actor Eddie Marsan, a patron of Sebbie’s charity, praised his humility and impact, describing him as an inspiring role model.

He said: “So many selfless acts of kindness and such humility in a young person is extremely commendable.

“Sebbie has touched so many people’s hearts with these acts.

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“I’m in awe of what a role model he is to other people.”

Courtesy: KIND Snacks

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The statue, originally near Tower Bridge, has since been moved to Sebbie’s hometown of Lichfield as a permanent tribute.

Sam Wainwright, spokesperson for KIND Snacks, said: “

Sam Wainwright, a spokesperson for the brand, said: “It warmed our hearts to see the sheer volume of people selflessly devoting their time and effort to fostering kindness in their communities.

“The scale of impact delivered through the entries we read was absolutely overwhelming. Sebbie’s story in particular highlights the importance of kindness and its transformative power in driving positive changes for others.

“Sebbie is a shining example of the far-reaching impact that a lifetime commitment to kindness can have. Honouring Sebbie’s kindness with a statue felt like the right way to celebrate such an outstanding person.”

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