Two best friends reunite with a hug
Two best friends were emotionally reunited after spending four long months apart due to the shelter at home orders across the United States.

Man Brought To Tears By Stepdaughter Inviting Him To Her School’s Daddy Daughter Dance

A man was brought to tears when his long-term partner’s daughter invited him to her school’s daddy daughter dance - and he then pulled off the perfect evening.

Couple Expecting Triplets Surprise Family And Friends

A couple announced they are expecting triplets to family and friends by showing them the sonogram and recording their hilarious reactions as they figure out the news.

Man Shocks Partner With A Knight In Shining Armor Proposal

A man rode horseback in a full suit of armor to his partners front door - to propose to her.

Dad’s Ballet High Kick Attempt Backfires Badly As He Tries To Outdo Daughter

A confident dad failed spectacularly after boasting he could do a ballet high kick better than his daughter.

Man Poses As Fake Patient Called ‘Willum Arryme’ To Surprise Girlfriend And Propose

A man pretended to be a fake patient named Willum Arryme at his girlfriend’s hospital in an elaborate ruse to propose to her.

Adopted American Reunites With Mother Who Gave Her Up When She Was Just Six Months In Emotional Reunion

An adopted woman came face-to-face with her birth mother for the first time, having tracked her down to a rural farm in Guatemala.

Nurse Sings To Dying Cancer Patient To Give Her Hope To Keep Fighting

A caring male nurse fought back the tears to sing a dying patient a song to give her hope so she’d keep on fighting.

Hilarious Moment Dad Tries To Outdo Daughter’s Ballet Moves

A dad has been video doing delicate ballet moves in an attempt to prove he can do ballet just as well as his three-year-old daughter.

Skydive Gender Reveal From 10,000ft For His Best-friend’s New Baby

A friend leaped out of an airplane at 10,000ft to reveal the gender of his best-friends baby.

Adopted Brothers Reunite With Biological Family After 42 Years Thanks To Chance DNA Match

Two brothers have reconnected with their biological family in an emotional reunion after a staggering 42 years apart.

“There’s A Bun In The Oven?!” – Wife Can’t Stop Laughing As She Waits For Husband To Figure It Out

A man was left speechless after his wife secretly hid a bun in their oven and waited for him to find it after she found out she was pregnant.

Excitable Kid Falls Asleep On Merry-go-round As Mum Films

A mom has filmed the hilarious moment her son fell asleep mid-play on a merry-go-round – and didn’t wake up for more than 20 minutes.

Sisters Wake Up Disabled Brother With Kisses To Practice Dance Recital With Him

A video showing two sisters choosing to wake their disabled brother up with kisses reveals the unbreakable bond between siblings despite being unable to communicate verbally.

Grandmother Receives Pillow Made From Late Husband’s Shirt In Heartwarming Gift

This is the tear-jerking moment a grandmother receives a pillow crafted out of her late-husband’s shirt.

Boy Reads Letter And Can’t Believe What It reveals – A New Baby Brother!

A boy who dreamed of being a big brother leaps with joy after reading a letter ‘from his baby brother’ revealing his mom is pregnant.