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A caring passerby rescued a squirrel trapped in a discarded net.

A wholesome video shows Mads Edbdrup, 54, donning a pair of heavy-duty gloves as he works to free the trapped critter.

Mads, from Birkerod, Denmark, discovered the squirrel on a neighbor’s lawn, having initially thought it was a greedy one who had been hoarding a pile of goodies.

But on closer inspection it became clear that the squirrel was in distress.

Mads’ son, Thomas, filmed the April 24 rescue, while his daughter, Ellen, helped cut parts off the net to free the red squirrel.

Once the squirrel was completely loose, Mads pointed it in the direction of nearby trees before letting go – with the squirrel speedily scurrying off.

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Thomas, 19, said: “We quickly rushed over there and wondered how the hell we were going to pull this off because the poor thing were so tangled up in the badminton net that it could barely move. 

“The reason why it was so difficult was because my dad insisted on keeping the net intact and thus only using a scissor if absolutely necessary, since it obviously wasn’t our property. 

“Around 15 to 20 minutes and a couple bites and scratches later we finally saved it.

“No matter if you like squirrels or not, I don’t think any animal should suffer like that.”

Mads, the hero of the hour, said: “I think we all felt relieved. 

“Personally, I was also impressed with the power of the little monster’s bite.”

Kind-Hearted Passersby Save Squirrel Trapped In Discarded Net

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