A pair of slackliners are having a BALL – performing tricky tandem moves which mirror ballroom dancing.

The dancing duo, Michelle Griffith, 26, and Josh Beaudoin, 36, execute their intricate steps while balancing on the thin line in Moab, Utah.

As they expertly shift along the line, they complete a series of flawless exchanges and patterns including a reverse dip, all while keeping perfect poise.

Their impressive skills are even more remarkable since they only started practicing together this year.

Michelle, from Colorado, USA, explained while people sometimes walk together on the slackline, this unique “dance” style of tandem slackline was pioneered by Josh.

She added: “When people think of slacklining, they usually think of a single person walking on a line, usually at a park.

“So extreme and unique forms of slacklining – like highlining and tandem slacklining – are usually novel and often surprising and exciting to people.

“It’s also definitely exercise – We set goals and work towards them, and train.

“But overall, it’s always super fun and that’s ultimately the reason we both do it.”