Doting Dad Goes Viral After Calming His Young Daughter Before Her Jabs by Pretending to Take Them Himself and Having Blood Drawn to Show It’s Okay

She wanted dad to go first 👨‍👧

A doting father has gone viral after calming his 4-year-old daughter before her jabs by pretending to receive them himself and having blood drawn to show her it’s okay.

Courtney Smith wanted to make sure his daughter, Codi J, was okay as he sat with her on his lap while she nervously looked around the nurse’s room.

daughter gets jabs
Dad Courtney Smith, mom Tana Smith and daughter Codi J Smith. © @tana_ann /

She had been worried about her shots all morning, the family said, but with her dad first receiving the antiseptic wipe, he assertively declared to his daughter, “This ain’t nothing!”

His approach immediately brightened Codi J’s mood, and having told her to look the other way for a few seconds, Courtney then pretended to receive the jab himself, letting out a high pitched, “Ooooooo.”

Then, Codi J – tensed up but still giggling at her dad’s response – mimicked her father’s “Ooooooo” and successfully receiving the injection.

She also watched on as Courtney let the doctor draw his blood so Codi could see the process and know it wouldn’t hurt when it was her turn.

The loving moment was captured on camera by Codi J’s mother, Tana, at a Daughters of Charity Center, in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 31.

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Tana said: “I’m a nurse so I always explain to my kids the process and procedure before any test or doctor’s appointment.

“I was taught explaining things and answering any questions in advance even in kids make everything easier – I never lie to them about getting shots it makes everything worse and they will not trust you and will fear the doctor for years to come.

“On the way to her doctor’s appointment, my husband told her, ‘Don’t worry daddy’s getting shots, too’ – that instantly change her whole mood.

“Whenever our kids are in pain it bothers him – if they cry my husband cries, he’s a true marshmallow for our kids.

“So, whatever the circumstance is, he tries to realistically go through it with them – that way our kids see somebody is willing to endure the pain with them, and that dad and mom is always there no matter what.

“After Codi saw her daddy didn’t cry she knew she could do it – there were no tears at all.

“I only shared the post because I thought it was cute and my coworker ask me to share it. Never in a million years did we think it would go viral.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media