Digger Used To Rescue Elephant Stuck In Mud

Kind-hearted helpers rescue stricken elephant


A stricken elephant, trapped in a mud pit, was saved by kind-hearted helpers who used a JCB to help haul it out.

The elephant calf collapsed with exhaustion after struggling to free itself from the deep pit in India’s Karnataka’s Hassan area.

Villagers had quickly alerted officials to the baby’s plight after hearing it’s cries for help as it slipped and slides while trying to scale the silt walls of the pit.

Incredibly, the calves herd were never far away, patiently watching on in a nearby patch of forest as rescuers attempted to free the baby. They had moved away as crowds descended on the area.

Forest officials were forced to wait overnight before launching their rescue mission due to poor light.

By at day break, they brought in an excavator to cut a path for the tired elephant to climb out through.

But the exhausted pachyderm simply collapsed forcing the forest officials to try a different tack.

The excavator driver gently nudged it from behind with the vehicle’s bucket.

Incredibly the elephant mustered enough strength to get out of the swamp, but alarmed at the nudge from behind turned it’s anger on the JCB driver.

As the elephant approached the cabin, the driver and some rescue workers were forced to flee – before the calf went on its way and was reunited with the herd in nearby forest.