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Coast Guard Rescues Dog That Fell off 300-Foot Cliff

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A dog was reunited with his owner after falling 300 feet from a cliff ledge – thanks to a heroic Coast Guard rescue team.


Four-legged adventurer Leo was plucked to safety by helicopter in a dramatic rescue, which unfolded at Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach in Oregon.

USCG Air Station Astoria spearheaded the mission after receiving emergency calls about a dog who had fallen and was now stuck.

The footage capturing the rescue shows Leo, visibly injured and frightened, lying at the bottom of the cliff.

A U.S. Coastguard rescuer rappels down to the dog. ©USCGPacificNW
The rescuer comforts the dog, before attaching him to the harness before being airlifted. ©USCGPacificNW

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A rescuer is lowered down the cliff face from the helicopter, with his calm presence offering reassurance to the terrified dog.


With gentle reassurance, the rescuer secures Leo in a harness and signals the awaiting helicopter.

The two are lifted to safety, and back on solid ground, a heartwarming reunion unfolds.

With Leo swaddled in a blanket, he is reunited with his relieved family.

One crew member’s heartfelt comment, “Aw, hugs! Hugs all the way around,” encapsulates the emotional weight of the rescue.

Back on solid ground. ©USCGPacificNW
Hugs all around as Leo is reunited with his owners. ©USCGPacificNW

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While Leo’s exact condition remains undisclosed, his owners did release the following statement to the U.S. Coast Guard: “Leo stayed overnight at an emergency vet. He has a few cuts and bruises.

“All things considered, he is doing good. We are so thankful he is alive and expected to recover.”

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