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A stepdad cries as he is surprised with adoption papers

Stepdad’s Tears Flow As He Reads Loving Adult Adoption Surprise Letter

A beloved stepdad can’t fight back his tears as he reads out a note from his stepson containing a loving adult adoption request.

Groom Goes Viral After Wrapping His Shivering Bride In Suit Jacket During Outdoor Wedding

A groom has gone viral after kindly wrapping his suit jacket around his shivering bride to keep her warm at their outdoor wedding.

Crying Baby Giggles When She Hears Parents’ Voices Clearly For The First Time

A pair of doting parents have captured the beautiful moment their deaf daughter was able to hear their voices clearly for the very first time.
best friends reunited

Best Friends Emotionally Reunite As They See Each Other For First Time After Quarantine

Two best friends have emotionally reunited, leaping into each others arms, after spending almost four months apart due to quarantine rules.

Alzheimer’s Sufferer Dances Whenever He And His Wife’s Favorite Songs From Their Past Play

A determined Alzheimer’s sufferer fights the disease with the sound of music - dancing to he and his wife’s favorite songs despite his deteriorating memory.

Adopted Son Tracks Down Biological Mom After 40 Years For Emotional Reunion

An adopted man cried in his birth mother's arms as he was finally reunited with her for the first time after searching for almost 40 years.

Two Dogs Abandoned in Park With Help Note and Food Bowls Given New Leash...

Two dogs abandoned in a park with just two bowls of food and a note asking for help have been given a new leash of life after being rescued by a passerby.

Grandma Opens Front Door To Discover Baby Grandchild

A grandma could not believe her eyes when she heard a knock at the door and discovered her first baby grandchild, who had been living across the country because of her dad's military duties.
vietnam vet reunion

Vietnam Veterans Brought to Tears as They Are Reunited With Soldier They Presumed Dead...

A Vietnam vet was given a surprise reunion with two other veterans who had presumed he had died in combat more than 50 years ago.

Mom Berating Son Over The Phone For Not Returning Her Call Gets Shock When...

A son who was getting berated on the phone by his mother for not returning her call surprised her when she opened the door to see him.