A new great-grandfather began to sob uncontrollably in a hospital ward, as he was surprised with the news that the latest family member had been named after him and his father.
huge birthday parade
A former Marine undergoing brain cancer treatment welled up as a 100+ car parade gave him a drive-by birthday party.
A man told he may never walk again defied odds to walk across the room and get down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend who had been by his side throughout his recovery process.
A teenage boy with cerebral palsy has inspired millions across social media after breaking his personal record for deadlifting in his first-ever powerlifting competition, causing the gym to erupt into cheers.
Flower man dances down the aisle
A flower man lit up a couple’s unique wedding and went viral after surprising guests with a dance routine down the aisle.
A man who was adopted completed a 2,000-mile journey to meet his birth mom, bursting into tears as he was finally able to be held in her arms.
nerf gun war military reunion
A boy thinks he’s in an epic Nerf Gun war with his mom - only to discover the person firing back at him is his soldier dad who has been on deployment for almost a year.
A great-grandfather with dementia is emotionally reunited with his great-granddaughter who missed him being around after he had to move into a full-time care facility.
Two best friends reunite with a hug
Two best friends were emotionally reunited after spending four long months apart due to the shelter at home orders across the United States.
Robert holds his memory pillow
An elderly man suffering with dementia was surprised with a memory pillow featuring his late wife - leaving him beaming from ear to ear.