An excitable pooch has been reunited with her owner after being missing for more than two years.
A wheelchair-bound groom emotionally stood for the first time with the aid of his friends to dance with his wife at their wedding.
Four kids were left stunned when they arrived at an airport for a reunion, only to discover their military dad who they thought was still in Afghanistan hiding behind a ‘welcome’ banner.
A father whose late son saved five lives through organ donation was able to hear his son's heart beat again inside the chest of the transplant recipient.
An adorable boy has shown the power of sport as he burst into tears when he finally got to see his hero LeBron James in the flesh.
A man who used to live in his car after being made homeless has been surprised with a new car – after his broke down forcing him to face losing his new jobs.
An emotional groom was brought to tears when his best man, who he thought was on deployment overseas, turned up to surprise him on his wedding day in full military attire.
A boy who brought his military ‘daddy doll’ to show his friends at daycare was left stunned when his real dad walked in to surprise him after returning from a year-long deployment.