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Good news stories to uplift and inspire from communities across America and beyond.

Girlfriend Surprises Military Boyfriend With New Apartment After Deployment

Chelsea surprised her boyfriend, Sam, with a new apartment after he returned from a 222-day deployment. Sam had no idea what was waiting for him when he was blindfolded and led into the apartment. He was greeted with balloons, American food, and a brand new place to call home.

Sisters Secretly Bring Father to Son’s Graduation in Heartwarming Surprise

Jovencio Daguio Jr., 21, was devastated when he learned that his father would not be able to attend his graduation from the University of Illinois. However, his sisters had other plans. They secretly bought their father a flight to the United States, and, the day before Jovencio Jr.'s graduation, snuck him into the house. The moment Jovencio Jr. saw his father, he immediately started sobbing. The two were then reunited in a long-awaited hug.

Father-to-Be Faints at Crucial Moment During Birth of His First Child in Hilarious Clip

Zach Parker, 28, fainted at the crucial moment during the birth of his first child, Ryan. The hilarious moment was caught on camera thanks to Peyton's mom, who had been dialed in on a video call moments after Ryan was born.

Sisters Go Viral After Mom Shares Video of Older Sibling Helping Younger Sister, Who...

A heartwarming video of two sisters with Down syndrome and heart disease dancing together has gone viral. Nine-year-old Gracie and three-year-old Riley have inspired people around the world with their love of dance and their determination to overcome challenges.

Stepdad’s Tears of Joy at Wedding Day First Look Melt Hearts

Stepdad Tom bursts into tears of joy as he sees his stepdaughter Kristen for the first time in her wedding dress. The heartwarming moment has gone viral, with people from all over the world commending Tom for his love and support.

10-Month-Old Baby’s Adorable Double-Take Leaves Internet in Stitches

10-month-old Kyrie Bell can't tell the difference between her dad and great uncle, Corey Guy, who family members are convinced are doppelgängers. The video of Kyrie's adorable double-take has gone viral, with people from all over the world commenting on how cute and funny it is.

Grandpa Flies for First Time in 10 Years to Surprise Grandson for Last Chemotherapy...

A grandpa flew for the first time in 10 years to surprise his grandson for his last chemotherapy session. Paul Sharp, 92, who lives in Layton, Utah, traveled to Dallas, Texas, to support his grandson - and celebrate him ringing the bell to mark the end of his treatment.

Dad Celebrates Putting Baby to Sleep With Hilarious Victory Twerk

A new dad went viral after he was caught on camera celebrating his success in putting his baby to sleep with a hilarious victory twerk. The video has been viewed over 12 million times and struck a chord with parents everywhere who can relate to the feeling of accomplishment.

Proud Dad Fights Back Tears of Joy as Son Graduates From Military School

Yusuf Muhammad, 59, was overcome with emotion as he hugged his son, Khalid, following his graduation from the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia. Khalid has always been interested in military service, and his father was proud to see him achieve his dream.

Newborn Stretches Arm Around Twin for a Cuddle When Pair Meet for First Time...

A newborn baby stretched his arm out for a cuddle with his twin when they met for the first time since birth after spending the first few days of their lives separated in the NICU.