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Arizona Shelter Dog Escapes Kennel and Becomes Local Celebrity

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A mischievous terrier mix named King has become a local celebrity in Arizona after a daring escape from his kennel.


On January 15th, the two-year-old canine managed to wriggle out of his enclosure at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter and embarked on a whirlwind tour of the facility.

According to the shelter, his escapade involved attempted breakouts of fellow canine inmates, office paper shredding, and a playful yet messy bin-toppling routine.


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Despite the initial disruption, King’s antics won over staff and a responding police officer who, instead of reprimanding the furry fugitive, opted to help clean up the aftermath.

The playful pooch’s adventure was captured on camera and quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views across social media. The unexpected fame has brought a surge of interest in King and the shelter’s work.


While officials have not confirmed specific adoption inquiries, they hope King’s story will encourage more people to consider opening their homes to deserving animals in need.

The shelter said in a social media post: “This pup has got some skills! Throws a party at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue in Tempe AZ, until the cops bust the party!”

And the Tempe police responded: “One of our officers recently responded to @lostourhome Pet Rescue to drop off a pup when he found mischievous ‘King’, who had escaped from his kennel, having himself a party in the intake room!


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“The officer went above and beyond to clean up after King’s midnight party before heading back to work on patrol.”

The Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter houses numerous abandoned and surrendered animals each year.

While King’s escape may have caused temporary turmoil, his viral antics have shone a positive light on the no-kill facility and its vital role in the community.

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