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Animal Shelter Hails Homeless Man’s Act of Compassion for Abandoned Puppies

A homeless man has been praised online after he rescued a litter of puppies, leaving them at an animal shelter with an anonymous note.


The adorable pups were left in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with a note at the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society (FAPS).

FAPS has since expressed its gratitude to the homeless man who left the litter of orphaned puppies at their doorstep with a heartfelt note.

The discovery, made in the aftermath of a recent storm, has resonated with the community, who have commended the anonymous man.

©Fayetteville Animal Protection Society
©Fayetteville Animal Protection Society

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The note detailed the tragic fate of their mother, a stray dog the homeless man regularly fed.


The man, unable to care for the pups himself due to his homelessness, entrusted them to the shelter with a plea for their well-being.

“Please help!” the note read. “I found these puppies after noticing the mother dog I often fed was sadly hit by a car. I knew she had pups and found them nearby.

“I’m homeless and cannot care for them, but my heart breaks for them and their mother. I just want them to have a chance, unlike myself.

“Please don’t judge me, but I couldn’t leave them alone in the cold.”

©Fayetteville Animal Protection Society

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FAPS responded by sharing the story and the note on social media, praising the man’s compassion and assuring him that his act of kindness had not gone unnoticed.

They pledged to provide the puppies with the love and care they deserve, honoring his wish for their future.

“To this compassionate individual, wherever you are, we want you to know that your act of kindness has not gone unnoticed,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

“Your empathy in the face of adversity gives us hope and inspiration. We promise to honor your selfless gesture by providing these puppies with the love and care they deserve. If you’re up for it, please visit the shelter to see the puppies and receive a proper thank you!”


The story has generated significant community support, with many offering assistance to FAPS in caring for the puppies.

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